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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Choose Your Attitude

Each day, hour, minute, we choose what are attitude is going to be. We may let others infleunce our attitudes, but utlimately it is our choice.

How we look at a situation and how we act or react to the situation is our choice. We can chose to have a positive, negative, or even a noncommital attitude. The choice is ours to make.

For me there are two household chores that I despise the most - they are laundry and dishes. I know why they are the worst for me - however the have to be done. I can honestly say that I complain about them the most. So I have decided to change the way I think of these two chores. Instead of thinking that they are neverending. I am going to tell myself that I have no dirty dishes in the sink, which means I have cleaned my kitchen so when I want to fix something I don't have to start off by cleaning it first. It is so much easier and pleasant to start with a clean space to work. As for the laundry again its one of those chores to me that is never ending. I haven't come up with a different outlook on it just yet because of the amount of laundry I have piled up to do. The laundry I have piled up is not just the everyday laundry. We had some misfortunes and I have to do all the clothes in the house, on top of keeping up with the everyday stuff. I can say that a friend has helped me get started on this overwhelming task and it is becoming easier to deal with. I'm trying to look at it like I told another firend its one basket at a time. Once one is done you have the satisfaction of a completed task. Do wish me luck in keeping positive about the laundry truly is one of my pitfalls.

There are other areas of life that we need to make sure we step back every once in awhile and make sure we are chosing the best attitude towards the situation at hand. Family can be one of those areas that we tend to let slide. We can and usually always take family for granted as well as show our ugly sides to the most. I am having to learn how to set boundries for family memebers. This can be a difficult task. We don't always go about setting those boundries in the most appropiate way. We usually do it with ATTITUDE....... When we should really relax and clamly talk about our feelings and the what and why we need those boundries. If we do it without the ATTITUDE we really can accomplish more.

We also tend to let family dictate how we act, react, and treat each other. We should think more clearly and pray about these situations even more because it is so much easier to lash out at family because they are family.

For years I thought that I was the reason for all my families woes. I thought that if I could just be this or do this better that my family would be happier. It has taken me a very long time to realize I am not the center of my family's hopes, dreams, or their failures. I am only responsible for myself. I can help when it is needed, I can even give support when needed. I am however not their punching bag or the shoulder of all their woes.

By changing my attitude I have found some happiness in this area of my life. I have come up short still and still need some attitude adjustments in this area. Instead of complaining which is a negative way (attitude) of dealing with this; I have reached a point in my life where I can and have started saying "NO" this is not my responsiblity, "NO" it is not what I want and "NO" I am not going to fix this because I can't fix it. It really is empowering changing the way you think, act and react to a situation. Once you are able to change your attitude towards things life gets a whole lot better.

Thank God for the changes in attitude as well as asking Him to change your attitude will bring so many blessings into your life. I have just started this journey of changing my attitude towards things within the past two weeks, thanks to a friend who showed me the how and why I needed to change them. Starting this series "Lord, Change My Attitude" in the past night has also made a huge difference already. Now you may think that its early and I am eager to change and that this will be a fleeting thinf................I can tell you if I can continue to feel like this there is nothing stopping me from changing my attitude, especially since I have asked God to change it for me and not try to do it all alone. He can do anything He is God.

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  1. I can't tell you how many times I've told my teens to :choose their attitude." If I had a dollar for every time . . .

    Looks like I'm your first follower! Here for Meet and Greet Monday, hope to see you on Dropped Stitches!

    xo Erin