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Monday, June 21, 2010

Day 2 of the rest of my Change My Attitude Life

First, I would like any and all the may follow my blog to know that I am somewhat of a night - owl; therefore I tend to do my personal growth studies in the evenings. Probably should have noted that earlier.

Now on to Day 2 of the Lord, Change My Attitude..........
Going over the lesson I have realized that by complaining about something, I am chosing to have a negative attitude towards that which I am complaining. This also means that for the time spent on complaining I am chosing to have a negative attitude....Just what I am trying to change. The lesson suggests that I make a list of all those things I find myself complaining about. Then take an active role in either finding away to correct the complaint or realizing that I am chosing to be negative about something I have no control over and let it go.

My list of the day goes back to yesterday.....laundry.....boy oh boy do I despise it. However, instead of complaining about it a made a game out of folding and putting the five baskets of it that I had to do. I got thru three of them, one of them actually had to be rewashed..... apparently I did not use enough

The really big complaint I have is the feeling of having to do everything all by myself, because my husband is an over the road truck driver. He is not here to share in the household chores that we use to share prior to this new career he has taken on. I can not change his job and he also feels all alone to. So instead of complaining about it, I have decided to make a list of all the benefits I receive because of what he does to support our family. I am able to stay home and take care of our grand-daughter, I am able to work with the Florida SIDS Allaince to help those families that have lost a child to make memorial quilts to honor those babies. I am also able to work on other quilts and teach others to quilt. These are all things that if my husband had a nine to five job that I would not be able to do, because I would also have to work a nine to five job. I much rather do the laundry and dishes, while taking care of my grand-daughter and making quilts that bring so much love and warmth to others.

I have to thank my husband as well because he is constantly telling me he is doing this to give me everything that will make me happy.........He is a wonderful man. Matter of fact, excuse me while I make a quick call to tell him so.

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