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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day 2 continued

Ok, I am back from telling my husband what a wonderful man he is. He is also now going to try and get some sleep he has been working very hard.

We should be thankful for the blessings in our lives and be truly thankful. We all are guilty of saying please God help me with something..... then once He has forgeting and not be thankful for it. The other thing we tend to do is if its a crisis situation we pray and pray until God answers our prayers, and we thank Him quickly but not sincerely. We are like thank you the crisis has been resolved and go about our day as if we should have expected for God to deal with it for us. We continue on our path until the next crisis and find ourselves in the same situation of asking for help but not being truly thankful. We go back to the complaining of all the other things in our life and focus on the negative instead of the positives that God wants for us.

So in closing tonight I want to be thankful for the big things and the little things that not only has God done for me but for what He wants for my life...............

We need to count our blessings more often and not focus on the small stuff that takes away from them.

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